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The Empowerment of Families: one micro-loan at a time

Why are Micro loans needed?

Quality of Life

Over 80% of Haitians are unemployed.  When a Haitian is able to run a small business, they have the ability to improve their quality of living.


Hope for the Future

With the help of micro loans, the hopelessness of poverty is replaced with hope for a better future.


Strengthening Families

Most  children living in orphanages in Haitian orphanages are "social orphans" - children who have one or both parents living but who are unable to support their children.  A small business helps keep families together.   



Are there future plans for ELEVATE?

Our desire is to expand the Micro Loan ministry program to include business training for candidates.  We want to reach more Haitians and equip them with the resources they need to succeed. 


Is this a Faith-Based program?

God's provision and love for the small business owner through ELEVATE is an intimate part of every conversation.  Initiating and developing relationships in love is crucial to showing people that there is not only hope on

Earth but also hope for Eternity.   




What are Micro Loans?

Micro Loans are small loans given to qualified candidates to start small businesses.  


Who qualifies for an ELEVATE Micro Loan?

Haitians can qualify for a Micro Loan if are committed to a well-thoughtout idea for a small business that meets the needs of their community. Each applicant must be well-known by the Global staff or be able to provide quality references.


How much is a typical Micro Loan?

Micro Loans range from $50 to $600 depending on the business plan and the borrowers capabilities.


What types of business are starting?

Some small businesses made possible by ELEVATE now in operation include: chicken farming, market merchants, gardeners, and shoe distributors. 


How are Micro Loans repaid?

Each repayment schedule is tailored to the individual business. Loans are repaid weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly and are structured so they can be repaid within ten months. 


What happens to the money once it is repaid?

Once paid back, the money will be reinvested in other qualified small buisness candidates.  


How can I get involved?

If you are interested in donating money to the ELEVATE Micro Loan program, click on the donate button above.

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